Bat Out of Hell

By Ryanbat

I have finally seen a jukebox musical. I laugh at that because why or who would really want to see a musical that has no original music?

The show was not effective in the least, the story was lacking real character. For example, there were parallels to the story of Peter Pan. A small band of teenagers are poisoned with a virus that keeps them forever eighteen years old. They are called the Lost, making them sound a lot like the Lost Boys in Neverland. The One boy who is closest to Strat, the leader of the Lost, eventually betrays the group is named Tink, which is in connection to Tinkerbell. If you take the music away, you get a story that falls flat and that’s why they depended heavily on the tech of the show which was amazing and fun, it was like watching a rock concert at Six Flags. The music was the staple of the show and it all directly comes from the original album.

Overall, I appreciate the time it took to make this musical and the show was a concert, but it was not a theatrical production. The spectacle was high, but it lacked in plot and character, there were no depths which ruins it. In the end, I am glad I went because the experience was good and seeing Coliseum, the biggest theatre in London, was a site to see in the inside. I personally won’t be seeing this show again.