July 23rd

By Nigel It was another free day for the crew here in London. For Mitch, Conner, and myself the morning started with private meetings with professor Schmitz. The purposes was to get some one on one time to discuss our individual experience here and what our individual goals were for the remainder of the trip.… Continue reading July 23rd


July 21st

By A.J. Today people had freedom to go off whichever way and fill the day as they liked. Tyler did homework all day and then went to see Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre that night. He had great seats right up front. Please see his response in the "extra performances" part of this blog.… Continue reading July 21st


July 20th

By Nigel The group woke late, gaining some much needed rest. The morning was our own and everyone spent it recharging their battery, doing laundry, and catching up on assignments. There was an anxious anticipation for the event of the day. We had little information aside from wear all black and, knee high, colorful socks.… Continue reading July 20th


July 19th

By Ryan Another free day for the group, all searching for an adventure in London. Everyone began going their own way at about 11 am. Kelly, Nigel, and Conner revisited the British Museum and British Library, they all went with AJ who had not had the opportunity to go. While they were there they specifically… Continue reading July 19th